Sunday, September 2, 2012

Reminder: No Coupons in Your Sunday Paper Today

Just a reminder that there will be no coupons in todays paper due to the holiday.
Here are a few places you CAN print coupons though:

(Coupons printed from here and redeemed will donate a
portion to a non-profit organization of your choice!)

Just like the coupons you get with your Sunday paper.
If you want two of one of the coupons in your paper,
you can always go here to print a second one.
 Recently changed the layout of their website. One of the major changes is the ability to change your zip code from the main “coupons” page is no longer available. So what do we do? We find another way.
How to change the zip code in
  1. Click the “Local coupons” tab.
  2. Enter the desired zip code in the upper left hand corner and click the arrow button to load the coupons.
  3. Click back over to the “coupons” tab to view all the coupons available under the zip code you just entered.
Remember to match up target store coupons with
manufacturer coupons so you can save even more!
The same thing applies to this one as the Red Plum.
Happy Printing & Enjoy your Labor Day!

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