Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oscar Mayer Selects Coupon – Up to $5.50!

If you haven’t signed up for the Oscar Mayer Selects Coupon, you will want to sign up now, The Oscar Mayer Selects Coupon is now up to $5.50 off, which is essentially a free pack.

Share a Taste-a-monial Tab for a possible free Oscar Mayer Selects Coupon. The more people that share, the higher the value of the coupon, up to FREE. Coupons will be sent on 7/22. That is a great coupon! Make sure you sign up now!

I know this works because last time they did a freebie on their page where you share it with your friends, even though my friends didn't sign up, I got a coupon for any product valued up to $9.00!!! I cannot wait to use that tonight at the store!!

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