Thursday, July 26, 2012

Finally a trip to Goodwill worth posting

On Sunday, my niece and I went thrift storing in search of some baby books for her to read to her unborn baby (Due December 10th!!!) Goodwill has been my choice of thrift stores the past few years for a numerous amount of reasons. We hit the jackpot on finding some great books for her including one book she was actually on the hunt for, No Nap Today.

But here are a few of my finds!

Gotta love a Jack in the box, priced at $2.25!!! It kinda creeps me out but I had to buy it. I also found this cute Halloween dish that was half off, only cost $1.12!

How FUNNY is this thing??? My hubby won't find it too amusing but I had to bring it home for laughs and giggles!

We are a Harley lovin' family and this wine glass was a steal for only $.45. Also, I can always use an extra travel mug!!

Ok, I was a little confused by this find. It's an epiltical but it had a seat like a bike? I tried it and it was sooo hard to use! It was priced great though but I just couldn't grasp the concept of a bike being combined with an epiltical!!!

I'm hoping to find some time to venture to a few yard sales before the summer is over!!!

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