Friday, June 8, 2012

How is Your Summer Garden Growing?

Since we were too busy to prepare our yard/soil for a garden, we opted to do a container garden.

We were trying to keep the cost down as much as possible so we used our old dog kennel that we never use anymore for the structure so our two dogs won't get into the garden and mess things up, dig stuff up or anything unmentionable! We also looked around the yard and garage and used any old containers we had that would make good planters. We used our old recycling container, kitty litter containers, Home Depot & Lowes buckets and any old planters that came with the plants and flowers we put around the yard.
The ONE thing that I had to put up is a bird net over the top of the enclosure
to keep critters out as much as possible.

I am trying to keep them around the edges and a middle row so we have walking space.

My FIRST squash!

These are figs on the fig tree I bought from Home Depot a few months ago!

All and all I am pretty happy with the outcome so far. I don't have my hopes up too much since this is my first garden so it will be a trial and error.

We have about 25 plants in the garden now, and I have about 25 herbs/spices and about 15 more veggie seedlings that are growing in a little greenhouse thing I got from Home Depot. They should be ready to go in the garden within the next few weeks too.

We also have a compost box set up so I am hoping by next year the compost will be ready to go!

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