Sunday, May 20, 2012

Walmart Trip & PARADE Surprise

My quick trip to Walmart to use up some of the freebie coupons I have been carrying around with me for a week paid off when I came across a 'sample' table.

I got to try two types of gum and was given a free mini pack of gum!

I chose the Cobalt !It's pretty yummy!

Here is the few items that I got for free or almost free!

Coupons used:
$2 Beneful coupon
(dog food was only $1 so that was a $1 overage towards my purchase)
(2) $1 Cutter coupons on the citronella candles
(they were only $.97 each)
$1 STP coupon
$1 Aquafresh coupon
(toothpaste was only $.97)
$1 coupon on U Kotex
(they were priced $1.24)

Did you get the Sunday paper today?!?

The PARADE Magazine insert had a surprise in there!

When you opened it up this was inside!

Do you ever find any surprises like that in The PARADE?
They've gotten me a few times so now I check everyweek
to see what they have hidden!

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