Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Simple & EASY Ways to Save Money at Home

How do you try to save money at home?

Do you think it is worth your time?

Yes, skipping Starbucks and packing your lunch are great ways to save money but there is more that you can do to save money that will not make you sacrifice anything!

Let me show you a few secrets to saving money that don't take much effort at all!

1. Cloth Napkins
According to the Green Guide Magazine, switching from using disposable napkins to cloth/linen napkins can help a family save up to $1.68 a week, that equals $87.36 a year.
(That's almost two tanks of gas for my Honda!)
Linen napkins take very little space in the washer therefor it will not increase your water bill or use of detergent each load.

2. Coupons

I save on average about 50 to 80 perfect on our grocery bill every trip. For every $100 you spend, that is up to $80 you can keep in your checking account! Coupons can be time consuming if you let them be. I clip my coupons while on my lunch break or while watching tv. I would rather spend a little time doing that than an extra $80 every time I went to the grocery store!

3. Reusable Bags

I LOVE my reusable bags! At Farm Fresh, they give me $.05 per reusable bag that I use versus using plastic or paper bags. Target does the same as well. CVS has a program where after every 4 uses of my reusable bag, they give me $1.00 in Extra Bucks to be used towards my purchases there.

So not only am I saving money by using a reusable bag, I am also not wasting plastic bags and I am keeping them out of the landfills. Don't get me wrong though, I do reuse my plastic bags if I do have them at home. They work great for taking care of my cats' litter box, filling up a box instead of packing peanuts when I mail stuff and other things around the house!

4. Rain Barrel
Ok, now this one does take some money to invest at first but if you do it properly it is still worth it! You can buy rain barrels brand new from Home Depot or Lowes for about $100 each. OR you can be creative like myself and build one for about $30. According the the US EPA, a rain barrel can save about 1,300 GALLONS of water during the peak summer months! On average, an inch of rain dumps about 500 gallons on the roof of a typical 2,000 square foot house. How's that for a savings? Now, we only have one set up right now (the one pictured) but after one rain fall last week it filled up the 58 gallon drum in a single night. That has motivated us to put a second one on the other end of the house and possible a few more as time goes on. We use this rain to water our plants an garden and honestly, plants love rain water versus water from the spigot!

4. Compost Bin & Recycling

Did you know that the more we all toss in the trash the higher our waste bill is from the city? Not many people understand that. It is not a set fee for each household! It actually does save you money by composting your leftovers and scrap foods. If you are fortunate enough to have a big blue recycling can at your house then you should take advantage of that! We rarely have a full trash bin but our recycling bin is full every week and unfortunately they only come by every other week.

Doesn't seem to take that much more efford to save money these ways does it??

Now, how have you saved money this week?

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