Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Saving Money in June

Good Morning!

I hope everybody enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend! I love watching the news coverage of the President honoring our fallen soldiers. I get goosebumps every year when I watch it! I am so glad this continues to be a tradition, I think it is very important to always remember those who gave the ultimate sacrific to fight for our freedom!

On to a lighter subject!

How do you plan on saving money in the month of June?

I plan on building another rain barrel for the other side of our yard. It will collect 58 gallons of water at a time from rain that falls on our roof. Plants love rainfall versus water out of a spigot!

My two goddaughters (12 and 7) are coming up from Florida and will be in town for about 5 weeks. They will be styaing between their grandmother's house and ours. I have already made a list of things we can do that will not cost us too much money. I also bought one of the Entertainment books with coupons in them to help save money for the big things they want to do. Some of the ideas I have are: take them to Cinema Cafe for $1 night movies, going to Putt Putt (coupon!), the park at Mt. Trashmore, take them to the pool, go skating and I plan on checking out the local entertainment list. I know that they offer quite a few family activities here in Hampton Roads during the summer and usually most of them are free!

Having them in town will probably take up most of my month of June so that is my main focus on how to save money but I do know I hope my garden will produce some goodies next month to help lower our grocery bill as well!!

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