Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Love for CVS & a Few Freebies

Starting May 20th, CVS will have BOGO on Ocean Spray Juice! When you pair it with the BOGO Ocean Spray Coupon found on (search zip code 90210) then you will get BOTH for FREE! Please keep in mind that the Free bottle is for the Cherry Juice which some stores may not carry so you might want to call ahead beforehand!

Another freebie will be from Walmart but you still want to head over to to get this coupon as well! $1.00 off of and (1) Cutter product.


Go HERE for the details on this!

Any Teachers out there?? This deal is for you!

Click here to get free Book Posters for your class!

Surprise your child with a FREE Customized Sandwich Box with their artwork on it!

Go to Facebook and follow the directions on how to do this!

Now I am not sure about CVS locations for everyone else, here in Hampton Roads they are starting to pop up left and right FINALLY! Which means.....I am pleased to announce they are opening one up RIGHT by me! I got this in the mail yesterday and I cannot wait to go there this weekend!!
Needless to say, I will be there with BELLS on to use these coupons up!
They're already burning a hole in my pocket :)

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