Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's Finally Complete! My rain barrel that is!!

I am SO thankful for my subscription to Urban Farm, it motivated me to finally get a project done that I have had my eye on since January 2011. It cost a total of about $30.

$20 for the rain barrel

$2.34 for the PVC adapters

$3.89 for the waterproof silicone

$5.11 for the water spigot

We already had the screen so we didn't have to buy that.

But it's done now!!!! Time to start collecting rain and save on my water bill!

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  1. Congratulations on the new rain barrel! You’ll definitely see a drop in your water bill from now on! The rain barrel can now be you new water source for watering your lawn and garden. And the best part is that the water barrel just cost you $30! How’s that for thrifty living?

    Sharon Strock

    1. Thank you Sharon! And we HAVE noticed a difference! Can't wait to build a second one!!

  2. You can definitely use the harvested storm water to hose down your plants. Did you know that tap water has fluoride composites and inorganic ions that eventually collects in the soil and can harm plant roots? On the other hand, rainwater is free of these additives. Therefore, whenever you use it, you are promoting a surrounding favorable to root development. =)

    - Tabatha Tidd