Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Do you use your smartphone to save?

So, do you use your Smartphone to save money?
I do!

Here is a local article that was in today's paper that got me thinking about this topic:

There are a list of apps that I use to pinch pennies and even MAKE money!

1. Gas Buddy

This is really a lifesaver when I travel. If you have ever driven down 95 South you know how just a few short miles can change the price of gas by up to $.25. I don't input gas prices like this app offers, I just use it to find the best gas prices.

2. Shopkick
This is an app that I started playing with just out of boredom. They offer coupons to retailers on this app, which I LOVE but they also offer gift certificates it you redeem so many 'kicks'. You get 'kicks' for walking in certain stores, scanning products in stores and even just finding things they hide on their app. Pretty simple and it does help time pass if I am bored somewhere. I am working on earning a free Coach purse but they also offer giftcards to the movies, for gas, Target, Best Buy and other stores! Oh and let's not forget you could redeem for them a Princess Cruise Trip, it will only take 6,250,000 kicks for that though!

3. Swagbucks

If you have heard me talk about Swagbucks then this is just a redo for you! Ha! This app is good for quite a few things. I earn Swagbucks by using their toolbar as a search engine just like Google. I also redeem coupons from the site just like offers. I can honestly say this app has allowed me to earn $65 in gift cards to and even I LOVE FREE MONEY!

4. JingIt

This is kind of a new app that I have recently started playing around with. You get paid to watch ads on your phone. Not much is going on with this app around Hampton Roads but it seems like it will catch on just like any other app that is new.

Are there any apps that apps that you use on your smartphone to save money that I don't know about?

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