Saturday, May 12, 2012

Coupons Thrift Stores & Yard Sales Oh My!

The title says it all. That means that today was a rather frugal BEAUTIFUL day here in Virginia!

Thrift stores are my favorite, I could browse for hours and
I sometimes find myself thinking about the possible history of some of the things I find.

One of the things I HATE to see at thrift stores....
something sitting there for a fraction of the price that I paid full price for.

Exhibit A.

Case in point.
The item on the right is the compost pail that I purchased a few months ago for about $24.99 off of Amazon. I loved it, researched it and bought it at full price. (Actually I used a few Amazon giftcards that I got free from Swagbucks so I didn't technically pay full price.) Now, you see the price tag on the item on the left.....$6.98. Yes, my jaw dropped. I didn't want to buy it but honestly, these are ceramic and if you know me, you know how clumsy I am (I get it from my mother!) But instead of having two of these on my counter or putting one in the attic and forgetting about it, I plan on taking this to work to collect the coffee and other food scraps to bring home to put in our compost bin.

Here are another few good finds from today!

Reusable shopping bag that can be painted $2.98, 25 golf balls for the hubby $4.95, 2 metal planters at $.75 each, 2 glass candle holders at $1.48 each and the Jansport bookbags, one was $1.98 and the other was $2.98. I use these for when we are on our motorcycle and I can't carry a real purse. 
Here is a better picture of the candle holders. They were just too funky to pass over. They match the theme in our living room and I just had to have them!

These are the only items I found at the yard sale that I liked. They were evidently from a thrift store but I only paid $.25 each. If you know my Mom then you know how eclectic she is with her fashion jewelry. So the earrings are for her, I see her wearing this around Halloween. The silver ring is for me, I only paid $.25 for it. It's fake but I need some costume jewelry and I HATE paying for stuff I won't use that often.

Now, on to my CVS finds for the day!!!!!
I spent a lot of my trip at CVS helping show my friend Krystal how the CVS deals work. I didn't pick up too much stuff but I wanted to take advantage of a few deals!

Transaction #1:
Started with an $8.99 Extra Care Bucks from a deal a few weeks ago.
Deal was to spend $25 on Banana Boat, Schick and Playtex and get $10 ECB.
Used a $1.00 coupon on Banana Boat, $.55 on the Skintimate, $2.00 on the razors and
Playtex, had a BOGO coupon, got the top box for free ($5.29 value)

Spent Out of Pocket: $14.90
Saved $26.53

Transaction #2:
Going to use my $10 ECB from the last transaction
FREE Body Wash offer from Facebook ($2.37 value)
Bengay $13.49 but had a $2.00 coupon PLUS when you buy the Bengay then you got the Tylenol Precise Heat patches for free ($7.79 value)

Spent Out of Pocket: $1.37
Saved $23.20
And I have a $2 ECB for my next purchase.

Total OOP for everything pictured: $16.27
Total saved: $49.73

I would have to say it was a successful day!

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