Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday Freebies!

What else can help make the day that should be Monday but is really Tuesday any better?

Toss in a few freebies!

Head over to the Eucerin Facebook page for a free sample!

Head over here to the Lanacane Sample website for a free sample!
Anti-chafing gels like this one can be used as makeup primers!!
I SWEAR by makeup primer so I am hoping this is as good as it seems 
because I need a travel size makeup primer for when I travel! 

Saving Money in June

Good Morning!

I hope everybody enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend! I love watching the news coverage of the President honoring our fallen soldiers. I get goosebumps every year when I watch it! I am so glad this continues to be a tradition, I think it is very important to always remember those who gave the ultimate sacrific to fight for our freedom!

On to a lighter subject!

How do you plan on saving money in the month of June?

I plan on building another rain barrel for the other side of our yard. It will collect 58 gallons of water at a time from rain that falls on our roof. Plants love rainfall versus water out of a spigot!

My two goddaughters (12 and 7) are coming up from Florida and will be in town for about 5 weeks. They will be styaing between their grandmother's house and ours. I have already made a list of things we can do that will not cost us too much money. I also bought one of the Entertainment books with coupons in them to help save money for the big things they want to do. Some of the ideas I have are: take them to Cinema Cafe for $1 night movies, going to Putt Putt (coupon!), the park at Mt. Trashmore, take them to the pool, go skating and I plan on checking out the local entertainment list. I know that they offer quite a few family activities here in Hampton Roads during the summer and usually most of them are free!

Having them in town will probably take up most of my month of June so that is my main focus on how to save money but I do know I hope my garden will produce some goodies next month to help lower our grocery bill as well!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I heart Free Samples.

Not too many to share today!

Head over to Poise to sign up for a free Poise Liner Sample Kit.
The kit includes:
(1) Poise Liner
(1) Poise Long Liner
(1) Ultra Thin Pad
Money saving coupons
Information Brochure

Head over to Ovaltine's facebook for a free sample of their Rich Chocolate Stick Drink Mix Packets.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Coupons for your Memorial Day celebration!

Here are a few goodies to help you have a thrify Memorial Day!

Head over to Farm Fresh's Facebook page to print this coupon!!

Head over to Coupons.com and print a coupon for
This is a great coupon to save on your Memorial Day barbecue!

As seen in the June 2012 issue of Marie Claire, stop into your local Dior counter at a participating Macy’s store for a Dior Mascara Wardrobing and you’ll receive a free deluxe sample of one of Dior’s legendary mascaras.

If you plan on hitting up the Outlet Malls this weekend, stop by the Tanger Facebook page, LIKE them and Just click the “style deals” tab to find this offer.

Go print this Starbucks coupon TWICE now and hold on to it until 6/3
At CVS, pay $1, Get back a $1 Ecb (when you buy 2)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Monday, May 21, 2012

Free Sample List for Monday 5/21

I hope everybody has had a wonderful Monday so far!!!

Here are a few freebies to make your Monday even better!!!

I SWEAR by this magazine!!!
They have some wonderful coupons, articles and recipes!
Go to this link for a free digital copy!

Head over to Tully's Facebook page for free K-Cups!
I love getting these in the mail!!

Free Bloomin' Onion today ONLY 5/21
Head over to their Facebook page to see for yourself!

Want to try a Cherry Berry Chiller from McDonalds for FREE?
For a short time, the small size is only $1.00
Here is a link for $1 off coupon for one!
And don't forget if you got the Sunday paper yesterday,
check your PARADE for another coupon for a free drink!

Hope these made the Monday blues a little better :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Walmart Trip & PARADE Surprise

My quick trip to Walmart to use up some of the freebie coupons I have been carrying around with me for a week paid off when I came across a 'sample' table.

I got to try two types of gum and was given a free mini pack of gum!

I chose the Cobalt !It's pretty yummy!

Here is the few items that I got for free or almost free!

Coupons used:
$2 Beneful coupon
(dog food was only $1 so that was a $1 overage towards my purchase)
(2) $1 Cutter coupons on the citronella candles
(they were only $.97 each)
$1 STP coupon
$1 Aquafresh coupon
(toothpaste was only $.97)
$1 coupon on U Kotex
(they were priced $1.24)

Did you get the Sunday paper today?!?

The PARADE Magazine insert had a surprise in there!

When you opened it up this was inside!

Do you ever find any surprises like that in The PARADE?
They've gotten me a few times so now I check everyweek
to see what they have hidden!

Freebie Sunday 5/20

Just a few freebies to keep you occupied until I find some more!

Here is a sample of OB tampons
Free sample of Lacose Fragrance (choose men or women)

Jump back on Facebook and head over to the Friskies page and LIKE them, then LIKE the coupon and then it will give you the option to print the coupon!
Hurry, get these while you can!

My CVS Trip 5/20

I am by no means an extreme couponer!

I don't dumpster dive for coupons or buy them off ebay
(If you do that then that's fine with me and I am by no means judging you!),
I simply use the coupons I get from the Sunday paper, online,
tear offs at stores or that my friends and family give to me.

With that said, here is my small quick trip to CVS for today!


List of goodies:
Salonpas Patch $1.87
Revlon Perfecting Primer $12.49(Buy One, Get One 1/2 off)
Johnson & Johnson First Aid Tape $4.19
Neosporin $5.89

Coupons Used:
(2) $2 coupons for the Revlon
$3 off $10 cosmetic purchase (CVS Coupon)
$1 off Johnson & Johnson product
$1 off Neosporin product
$10 off of $20 purchase (CVS Mailer coupon)
25% off purchase (CVS Coupon) (only took $.77 off)
$5 giftcard from CVS new store opening coupon
$2 Extra Bucks from my purchase last week

Total before coupons $37.67
Total saved $33.02
Total paid out of pocket $4.65
Percentage saved 87%

I also scored a $1.87 ExtraBucks for buying the Salonpas Patch and a $3.00 ExtraBucks for purchasing $10 worth of Johnson & Johnson products, both good towards my next purchase!

Did you hit a good deal this week and want to share it?
Email the details and picture to RavenTheDomesticDiva@gmail.com 

CVS Matchup 5/20

Here are your weekly matchups for CVS for 5/20-5/26


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Freebies!!

Head over to Garnier's Facebook page and LIKE them!
Then click on GET SAMPLE and fill out your info for a free sample of
Ultra Lift Serum + Moisturizer

Don't forget, if you live in Hampton Roads area, to redeem your FREE SALSA coupon from
Farm Fresh!


Do you have a CVS opening up near you anytime soon?
If so I would recommend staying on the lookout for their New Store Mailer!

I was able to score these goodies for FREE today!
I also scored a FREE $5 Gift Card for just walking over to the pharmacy and speaking to the Pharmacist on Duty.

I plan on going back tomorrow and using the $5 gift card, my $2 Extra Bucks from last week AND the $10 off of $20 coupon in the mailer PLUS the other coupons I got in the mail when the new sale starts for next week!

CVS really makes it easy to love them!

I hope everybody enjoys their weekend and takes advantage of this BEAUTIFUL weather outside!!!

Be back tomorrow with some great deals!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Use Black Tea as a Self-Tanner?

Ok, I am the first to admit that I had to reread that a few times before I even formed it as a concept!

Sounds crazy but believeable at the same time!!

Here is the link to the blog that I found it on:

Are you willing to try it?