Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Now that the gifts have been handed out I can share online!

My first attempt to be 'crafty' and give things I make as gifts as an adult versus during my childhood years has finally happened! One of the first blogs I ever started reading was this one http://www.kellyskornerblog.com/ and I came across her post about ornaments she made for her family and friends (http://www.kellyskornerblog.com/2008/11/my-ideal-day.html ) I figured that was something I could do and not screw up THAT bad!

Here is a few pictures of Kelly's ornaments:

And here is few pictures of my ornaments:

I made quite of few of these and gave them out as gifts. My first picture is one I did for my hubby and myself with our monogram. I made monogrammed ones for the married/engaged couples in our lives, single letters for the singles and then entire names of the children. The second picture is the ornaments I made for our kiddies (pets for now, no 2 legged kiddies for us quite yet).

I am really proud of myself, I actually had been planning on these since last Christmas and the fact I followed thru with making them makes me feel very accomplished to know that I MADE gifts!!  I have already started looking at a few ideas for Christmas gifts for this year but nothing has jumped out at me so hopefully I will figure it out before October LoL!!


  1. That's awesome!! I've been wanting to make gifts for awhile now but my patience runs thin when it comes to making things hahaha

  2. Mine does to that is why I was SOOOOOOOOOOO proud of myself that I finished them! I made around 30 ornaments all together and I think it was a perfect 'starter' project for me!