Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Going Green One Step at a Time

I have always been a frugal person, I love the idea of saving money. I also come from a frugal family and am VERY proud to be able to say that!! My mom was both frugal and environmentally friendly, she has recycled anything and everything for as long as I can remember. Very creatively might I add. From using cloth bags almost 20 years ago to carry groceries home all the way to using rain barrels to collect water to water her hundreds (Ok, if my step dad is reading this let me be correct) her THOUSANDS of house plants. I want to be more like her so I have been doing some of the smaller things that I have always watched her do. I carry a reusable bag in my purse for when I go shopping for odds and ends and then when I go grocery shopping, I carry in my 5 big reusable bags and hope that everything fits in there so I do not need to tote home anymore plastic bags.

Now it is time to add to my list of things I do that are 'Green'.

I want a rain barrel.

Ever seen one? Well this is a few of the looks they have:

They can be decorative and stylish, but prices range from $100 to $400 for decorative and stylish. The frugal part of me doesn't need decorative and stylish THAT bad.

So what is a cheap chick supposed to do?

Why of course!! Make my own!!

I researched prices for a few days and found an article that said that some cities will provide one for free or little money because of the fact that it will save you money and good for the environment. Hampton Roads does not 'provide them to you for free. They instead offer 'Rain Barrel Workshops' that only cost $40. The provide the supplies for the rain barrel and you are just asked to bring the items to help build it (i.e. work gloves, flashlights and a crescent wrench. Sounds great huh?! $40 compared to upward of $400. Bad news is the schedule posted is for 2010, they only offered 6 classes and they are all the way out in Hampton (the other side of the water).

Good news is the website www.HRWet.org provides simple instructions and supply list on how to build your own rain barrel! Here is the link

So the question is now, how soon will I be going to the store to buy everything I need to make this?

Um, today.

Now I am not the most handy person when it comes to building things, quite honestly I prefer to do demolition work more than I like to build things but as part of my 2011 New Years Resolution, I am going to try my hardest to do as much as this as I can......then get my hubby involved!

This is going to be a great addition to our home this Spring and cannot wait to get it set up! I will post pictures of the finished project and keep you updated on my next 'Green' project!!

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