Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I had good intentions......

But never got around to posting a blog!!! A few months ago we started getting our living room's final touches done and that included our curtains. GEESH those things are expensive! Luckily we were able to get them for $15.00 a panel at JCPenny's and I heart them SOO much. Now.....how to hang them.......I like the clip rings as they call them but JCPenny's was selling them for the same price of the curtains for SEVEN, yes SEVEN clips, enough for one panel. $15.00 for 7 clips? No thanks!

I can't get the picture from JCPenny's website on here but they all look the same. This picture is of the ones that Bed, Bath and Beyond sell for $9.99 a set and yes there are only 7 in a set. Ok not bad. Better than $15 a set right?

WELL I went to Wal-Mart even though I dread going there because of the craziness that places keeps in stock and found their sets are $4.96. Ok, so I am down from $15.00 a set to $4.96 a set. Couldn't get better right?! SIKE! Guess what I found at Goodwill......

Yep and you read the sticker right. $2.25 a set. Now my luck gets even better....they had enough for ALL six panels in my living room and even had two extra sets that I plan on using in our spare room!! YAY! Our Goodwill's around here actually get things from Target that don't end up selling and they were all brand new still in the box and not missins a single piece! So to go from $15.00 a set to $2.25 a set made my heart skip a beat! Glad I held out on getting them. I was waiting until the curtains came from the warehouse before I made the purchase and that was the best decision I made.

But my good luck doesn't end there! While repainting the living room we had to take down the curtain rods and when my fiance did that, one of the finials fell off and we never found it! Yep, you got it. I found two sets BRAND NEW still in the box from Target at Goodwill for $6.25 a set, marked down from $20.00 a set (Target price)

This is a before picture of the finial:

This is our new finial <3

I think the new ones look a little more modern and sophisticated!

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