Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Well I TRIED to go thrifting today.....

But nothing seemed to catch my eye!
This sign will go in our kitchen and I plan on using it to cover up an old house alarm pad that has not been used since my fiance bought this house. Oh and I only paid 75 CENT for this sign!

I plan on using this frame as a craft project for something I saw online. The frame only cost 75 cent and I want to add magnetic strips to the back side so it can be used as a magnetic frame for a fridge! Here is the link I found

I was trying to help a friend out that is moving into a new place this weekend and her theme for her dining room is going to be an Italian theme. I found a 4 piece placemat and coaster set for $3.98 and it was BEAUTIFUL! I didn't have my camera with my but I took a picture with my phone. I got all the way to the checkout before taking the tape off to make sure all 4 were ok and sure enough the one I took a picture of was the nicest of the bunch. The others were messed up PLUS where I peeled the tape off to look at the others peeled some of it off too. Ugh. I tried Michelle I really did!!

Have a GREAT day!

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