Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I had good intentions......

But never got around to posting a blog!!! A few months ago we started getting our living room's final touches done and that included our curtains. GEESH those things are expensive! Luckily we were able to get them for $15.00 a panel at JCPenny's and I heart them SOO much. Now.....how to hang them.......I like the clip rings as they call them but JCPenny's was selling them for the same price of the curtains for SEVEN, yes SEVEN clips, enough for one panel. $15.00 for 7 clips? No thanks!

I can't get the picture from JCPenny's website on here but they all look the same. This picture is of the ones that Bed, Bath and Beyond sell for $9.99 a set and yes there are only 7 in a set. Ok not bad. Better than $15 a set right?

WELL I went to Wal-Mart even though I dread going there because of the craziness that places keeps in stock and found their sets are $4.96. Ok, so I am down from $15.00 a set to $4.96 a set. Couldn't get better right?! SIKE! Guess what I found at Goodwill......

Yep and you read the sticker right. $2.25 a set. Now my luck gets even better....they had enough for ALL six panels in my living room and even had two extra sets that I plan on using in our spare room!! YAY! Our Goodwill's around here actually get things from Target that don't end up selling and they were all brand new still in the box and not missins a single piece! So to go from $15.00 a set to $2.25 a set made my heart skip a beat! Glad I held out on getting them. I was waiting until the curtains came from the warehouse before I made the purchase and that was the best decision I made.

But my good luck doesn't end there! While repainting the living room we had to take down the curtain rods and when my fiance did that, one of the finials fell off and we never found it! Yep, you got it. I found two sets BRAND NEW still in the box from Target at Goodwill for $6.25 a set, marked down from $20.00 a set (Target price)

This is a before picture of the finial:

This is our new finial <3

I think the new ones look a little more modern and sophisticated!

Tis' the season to be thrifty!

I did it. I am finally writing an updated post! FINALLY something to write about! Yay for me! Well I can say that Goodwill has been good to be (except the time last weekend that the cashier broke the stem off of a martini glass I had just bought and paid for....yea Michelle laugh it off). I hit up three Goodwill stores and a DAV (Disabled Vets) thrift store. I spent a total of $25.27 for everything (a few things are not in the pics because I had already found them a home) Let me just say that ALL of the Christmas stuff was 50% off of Goodwill's already low prices!

The votive candles in this pic were only $2.62 for all six and were brand new in the box still!

I found this Starbucks coffee mug for a lady I work with, she has been on the hunt for a clear coffee mug. Found it for only $3.25

These boxes will come in handy for my 'homemade Christmas' next year. I bought the first two (2 in a pack) at the first Goodwill I stopped in. They had a price tag of $1.25. When I went to the third Goodwill today, they had the last two sets priced at $2.25 each. I asked the lady if I could get them for the $1.25 that I got the first one from at the other store. I told her I still had it in the car. She said no, she would just give it to me for the $1.25 and then of course the 50% off Christmas decor.

This is by far my favorite thing that I bought today! It is a cookie jar! And it only cost me $.99!!! Nothing broke, no cracks NOTHING! How cute is this?!!? This is the only thing I found at the DAV thrift store.

This is a picture of almost everything I purchased today. The two gift boxes at the left kinda had the same delima as the boxes I told you about earlier. The first Goodwill had one marked at $.75 and the thrid Goodwill had it marked at $2.25. She gave it to me for $.75 and then 50% off. The two Christmas tree decorations are in perfect condition. The white 'twig tree' is going to house these mini Christmas light bulb decorations I got today for $1.13 (pictures to follow). Also if you look at the blue pitcher that is in the back, that is for my tea maker. I had to throw one of mine away because my fiance put it in the dishwasher and it cracked and would not hold tea anymore. Well needless to say this one only cost $2.25 which is great because they have changed styles and the new ones will not fit my tea maker!

Well tomorrow we will see what else can be found. Michelle told me about this new Goodwill that just opened that is 10,000 square feet! It is in a crappy area (quite ghetto if you ask me) but she said the pictures looked nice HA!!! So wish us luck as we venture off there tomorrow. Party in P-Town as she would say!! LOVE YA GIRL!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Well I TRIED to go thrifting today.....

But nothing seemed to catch my eye!
This sign will go in our kitchen and I plan on using it to cover up an old house alarm pad that has not been used since my fiance bought this house. Oh and I only paid 75 CENT for this sign!

I plan on using this frame as a craft project for something I saw online. The frame only cost 75 cent and I want to add magnetic strips to the back side so it can be used as a magnetic frame for a fridge! Here is the link I found

I was trying to help a friend out that is moving into a new place this weekend and her theme for her dining room is going to be an Italian theme. I found a 4 piece placemat and coaster set for $3.98 and it was BEAUTIFUL! I didn't have my camera with my but I took a picture with my phone. I got all the way to the checkout before taking the tape off to make sure all 4 were ok and sure enough the one I took a picture of was the nicest of the bunch. The others were messed up PLUS where I peeled the tape off to look at the others peeled some of it off too. Ugh. I tried Michelle I really did!!

Have a GREAT day!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Harris Teeter Triple Coupon Days!

Ahhh I love triple coupon days at Harris Teeter!! It's like they pay me to shop there!

Within two days I saved almost 50% on BOTH trips!!!

Some of my 1st Thrift Store finds I actually took pictures of!

Well yesterday was a GREAT day for thrifting! I found this great Thrift Store in Norfolk on Little Creek Road that has an awesome selection of antique glass that goes great with the collection my fiance already has that was passed on from his father.

This piece was there the other day but it was marked at $8.99. Yesterday, marked down to $4.49. Had to have it! The cork in the top has a sterling silver top. It is dirty but I love the bottle and silver goes with our decor.

I got these two for $8.99 each, I splurged. One side has a rebel flag and the other side has a side profile of Robert E. Lee. Ther reason I splurged was because my fiance already has a bottle kind of like these but it has George Washington on the bottle.

If you look at this picture you can tell they are similiar but different. Alan said he has seen these types of bottles on eBay for around $10.00 so I feel that I paid a fair price.

These are two oversized Mason jars that were priced at $3.99 each. I like to buy things in pairs if and when possible.

I also plan on posting pictures of my receipt from Harris Teeter yesterday! They are having TRIPLE COUPONS up to $.99 until midnight tonight! Wait til you see my savings!! YAY!!

My First Post!

I guess I should introduce myself here! Well, my name is Raven and I love coupons and a great sale! I am currently living in Norfolk, VA with my fiance Alan and our houseful of pets. I work two jobs right now. At my day job I work as a scale attendant at a recycling company. At my other job I am a Personal Consultant for a company that does in-home parties for women and shows the latest relationship enhancements products. I love both of my jobs but they keep me busy! I love to shop at thrift stores and find some quirky things that I can repurpose. I am a beginner at this so hopefully I can get a little more creative. Thank you for stopping by my blog!